4 About This Ministry

The Gospel Broadcasting Association is the Christian evangelical and Bible-teaching ministry of Russell Lee Harris. The purpose of the ministry is to proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, and to accurately exposit the Scripture for edification of the Church, the Body of Christ Jesus.

I. “Gospel” is an Old English word meaning “glad tidings.” There is but one true Gospel, the Gospel of the Kingdom of God; this is the good news which Christ Jesus and the Apostles proclaimed and taught.12 The Gospel is the tidings that the long-awaited Kingdom of God has become a reality. The Kingdom was prophesied in the Garden, by the declaration that the heel of the Seed of the Woman would crush the head of the Seed of the Serpent. Proclamation of the Gospel began two thousand years ago, when the King, Christ Jesus, ascended into Heaven and was seated upon the revived Throne of David, thus commencing his everlasting reign.

II. The name, “The Gospel Broadcasting Association,” reflects the Scriptural portrayal of the Gospel as seed, with men being the soil upon which the Gospel is sown. Long before the advent of radio and television, the term “broadcasting” was an agricultural term; seed sown by hand is “cast broadly” over the field.13 Sadly, in the present day, most people associate the term “gospel” not with the glad tidings of the Kingdom of Heaven, but with a genre of religious music which has little if any relationship to the Kingdom.

III. The term “association” in our name reflects the fact that the Evangelist, in order to devote his full time to the proclamation and teaching of the Gospel, must be dependent upon the support of other Christians. Indeed, in the days of the Apostles, an Evangelist typically received support from one or more local congregations, as well as from a multiplicity of individuals. The supporters constitute the figurative “feet” of the Evangelist, bearing and transporting him as he goes about the business of proclaiming and teaching the Gospel. Such individuals are the object of special blessing by the Lord, who deems them “beautiful.”14

This ministry is supported by the tithes of those who receive teaching from this ministry, together with the offerings of those who understand the responsibility of the Christian to send forth and support men as Evangelists to proclaim and teach the Gospel of the Kingdom of God.15 Fellow Christians are invited to join in the support of this ministry, both financially and through prayer.

IV. Our publications range from brief, informal Bible notes to in-depth, scholarly topical studies and verse-by-verse exposition of the Scripture. Everything we publish is made available without charge; we have nothing to sell.

V. The Internet is the primary means by which we publish and distribute our teaching.

All of the material which we publish is posted on the ministry Web Site in the universal, printer-friendly PDF format. We also are working to produce all documents in the universal EPUB format, for use on devices such as e-book readers and smartphones. Feedback and suggestions from those who use such devices is valuable and welcome.

VI. The ministry blog, Bible Expositor’s Notes, facilitates timely communication. Its focus is upon brief and informal commentary-style discussions of enigmatic and problematic passages of Scripture which teachers generally misunderstand. It also provides a platform for commentary regarding world events as viewed from the perspective of the Scripture. The blog is at www.bibleexpositorsnotes.org.

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