2.1.6 No. 006 – A. D. :: The Year of the Reign of the Anointed

The calendar hanging on the wall, indicating the year “A. D. 2021,” proclaims to all the most important news ever heralded in all of human history. The abbreviation “A.D.” stands for the Medieval Latin phrase “anno Domini,” which is a truncation of the phrase, “anno Domini nostri Jesu Christi.” Translated into English, the full phrase is “In the year of our Lord, Jesus Christ.” Thus, the calendar proclaims to all that the present era is that of the Reign of the Christ. Moreover, it proclaims that Christ Jesus has been reigning as King for two millennia.

And this is not a “Christian” curiosity or a matter of esoteric knowledge held only by members of a secret society; it is a globally-recognized truth which is spelled out in dictionaries, in encyclopaedia articles, and on Internet web pages. Indeed, there are only two entities which ardently deny the reality of the present reign of Christ Jesus. The first, as might be expected, is the perennial enemy of Jesus and of the Christian Faith, the Talmudic Jew. The second is the Protestant Pulpit.

Although not everyone has a precise understanding of their meanings, the abbreviations B.C. and A.D. are not obscure. They mean, respectively, “Before Christ” and “The Year of the Reign of Our Lord Jesus, the Christ.” The proper line of demarcation between B.C. and A.D. is the day on which the Reign of the Christ began; but by tradition, the birth date of Jesus is used.

The abbreviations are used in legal documents and in other documents of importance. Through them, the global populace, albeit many in ignorance, bows the knee in acknowledgment of the Reign of the Christ. The acknowledgment is made even by the unregenerate Jew, who, however, in futile protest, substitutes the abbreviations B.C.E. and C.E., meaning, respectively, “Before Common Era” and “Common Era.” But by any other name, the “Common Era” is none other than the Era of the Reign of Jesus the Christ.

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