2.1.7 No. 007 – Creation Groans :: A Universal, Global Longing for Proper Governance

In the Eighth Chapter of the Epistle of Paul to the Romans is the declaration that “Creation groans.” Few commentators know the meaning of the declaration, though the context makes plain both the identity of the entity termed “Creation” and the reason for the groaning. Commentators typically claim that the term “Creation” refers to the inanimate entities of the Natural Realm, supposedly groaning in agony under the curse associated with the “Original Sin” of Adam. But such a claim is absurd; rocks and trees and wildlife are not groaning.

Whereas English typically differentiates between “creation” and “creature,” in Greek the word ktisis is used with both meanings. Paul, having moved in his discussion to the freedom from sin the Justified shall enjoy in Resurrection as the Sons of God, mentions how the Creation at large also shall benefit from governance by the Sons of God.

History demonstrates that man is incapable of self-government; men cannot properly be governed by a government designed by and comprised of men. Not only is every government of man characterized by incompetence; the power exercised by a ruler almost invariably corrupts him and turns him into a tyrant.

Consequently, the populace of Earth, oppressed by human government which is incompetent, self-serving, and criminal, groans in longing for relief. The Creator hears the groaning of his creatures, and is in the process of answering it, though the answer seems long in coming. And though the populace of the Earth generally has no knowledge of the means by which relief shall come, the Scripture reveals that the desired deliverance shall appear at the Resurrection Out From the Dead.

The deliverance for which all the Earth yearns can be provided only by the rule of the Kingdom of God. And though the Kingdom is a reality and though Christ Jesus reigns, the Kingdom is not yet fully operational. The Kingdom is comprised of many offices which now are vacant; the comprehensive governance provided by the Kingdom is not possible until those offices are staffed. It is the Justified who populate the offices of the Kingdom; but the Justified, for the most part, lie asleep in the Grave.

The Resurrection not only delivers the Justified from the power of the Grave; it also gives them birth into the Family of God as Sons. This transformation is event by which the Sons of God are manifested or revealed. Thus, the Resurrection is that for which Creation groans. Comprehensive governance by the Kingdom shall provide for the Creation deliverance from the incompetence and corruption inherent to the governments of man.

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