2.2.2 No. 021 – The Two Realms of Existence :: The Natural & The Spirit

According to the Scripture, there are two realms of existence. The first is the Realm of the Spirit; this is the realm of the Lord God. The Scripture declares that God is spirit. The second realm is the Natural Realm; this is the realm of the Universe, the Earth, and Man. The Scripture declares that Man is chemical; in the King James Version the term is “dust.” Equivalent descriptive terms are “physical,” “natural,” and “fleshy.”

Concepts such as the distance to Heaven and the omnipresence of God make little sense in light of the declaration of the Scripture that it is in the sphere of the Creator that men “live and move and have our being.” That expression means simply that the Natural Realm is contained within the Spirit Realm, which is to say that the Natural Realm is a subset of the Spirit Realm.

Many questions concerning the interface and interaction of God and angelic beings with Man vanish upon the realization that God and angels, being spirit beings, have their existence in the Realm of the Spirit, whereas Man, as a natural being, has his existence in the Natural Realm. Natural beings are confined to the Natural Realm, but Spirit beings may move freely about the Natural Realm and may pass unimpeded through natural objects. Natural beings are unable to perceive entities and phenomena of the Spirit Realm, though Spirit beings have the ability to manifest themselves to Natural beings. An astronomer cannot look into “Heaven” with a telescope and there observe God and angels.

Ultimate reality, which is truth, lies in the Spirit Realm.

(2021.12.17 1925gmt)