2.1.3 No. 003 – The Rebellion of Adam

Everyone knows that Adam sinned; but, despite the explanation provided in the Genesis account, few give thought to the nature of the transgression of which Adam was guilty. And few ask how it is that what appears to be a simple act of disobedience should carry the penalty of death.

To understand the ramifications of the sin of Adam, it is necessary first of all to understand the great purpose of the Lord God in Creation. The Lord envisioned an idyllic realm, populated by mortal mankind, with a government characterized by justice and righteousness. It this realm, life would be as life ought be, replete with prosperity, health, longevity, and joy. The realm envisioned by the Lord is an everlasting earthly realm in which endless generations of mortals live to great age, utilize the abundance of natural resources which the Lord has placed on and within the earth, and enjoy the fruit of their labours, free from fear of crime, injustice, and oppression. This vision of the Lord God is seen in the Scripture, particularly in the writings of the Prophets and in the Psalms. But, as Creator, the Lord knew that man was incapable of right government. So, the Lord envisioned for his creation a kingdom to provide proper government.

A government capable of comprehensive governance of multiple billions of souls must have many offices. The Lord could have employed angels as the officers of his kingdom; but the Lord instead chose to populate the kingdom with members of his own family. And since God cannot reproduce himself, he chose to draw from mankind men to undergo a course of training and education, to qualify to become Sons of God. Those who successfully complete the course are transformed by means of the Resurrection, being born into the family of God as immortal Sons.

Adam was created subsequent to the six days of the Creation Account; he is the head of a race created to be a pool from which the Lord God calls candidates for the many offices of the Kingdom. The Lord separated Adam from the other races, placing him in the Garden. The animals created in the account of the Second Chapter of Genesis were domestic species, created for the protected environment of the Garden.

The account of the rebellion of Adam is the first instance in Scripture which records the stupid desire of mankind for “Government Of the People, By the People, and For the People.” By eating the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, Adam sought to acquire understanding which would enable him to govern. The ultimate goal of Adam was to wrest from the hands of the Almighty the reins of governance. This was an offense far more serious than mere disobedience.

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